CorelDraw Training

CorelDRAW Training

 Currently running X5.

With more years of experience with the Corel Suite of products than I’d care to admit to, I now offer training in CorelDraw.
I’m able to come to your workplace and train your employees to have a competent working knowledge of the most useful tools and effects offered by the CorelDraw software.
Covering basic to advanced text management, image and colour management, importing and exporting in the most popular formats (pdf, eps and jpg in particular), special effect tools, through to pre-press checks and final artwork production for commercial printing.
All aspects can be covered, with the focus on your particular business requirements, and what you need from CorelDraw.
As a qualified Graphic Designer, basic to advanced design, layout, colour and text principles can be covered if time permits.

  • One on one training or up to 6 trainees, in Mandurah/Perth, Western Australia only
  • Your workplace training only (no private home consultations)
  • $120/hr or $300 for 3 hours, $550/day for up to 6 trainees
  • CorelDraw must already be installed on your PCs, in working order, ready for training.

Phone mobile 0419 855 486 or Email for more information.

Jill Banks

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