Win XP Mode won’t start

If you are running some older software, not compatible with new versions of Windows, in XP Professional you can install a virtual machine “Windows XP Mode”, from which you can install and run the older software. If you find one day that your XP Mode won’t start…
Locate the .VSV – (from desktop, hit F3, search C: drive for .VSV)
Delete the .VSV file (will be named something like WinXP Mode.VSV, didn’t take note!)

If that doesn’t solve it, go to the Task Manager (Go to your Control Panel, then top right corrner Search Box, search for Task Manager. Results give you a link to Task manager, OR, right-click on an empty spot in the Taskbar and then choose “Task Manager” from the popup menu).
Scroll down the list on the “Processes” tab, find the process referring to VPC, and bottom right corner I think it was, “End Process”.

Your Virtual machine XP Mode should now start :)

Community Announcement

For anyone in Western Australia particularly, please sign this Hazard reduction burn petition.
We need to get it out there and get as many signatures as possible, so if you can, please share on your Facebook pages also.

Server Outages

Server outage details
Status: Resolved
Start: approx 3.20pm WST 21.7.2015
End: Resolved
Server: Sydney

More detail...


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