Creating pdfs


To create a pdf from a CorelDraw page or item, select, “File” “Publish to pdf” NOT export (as used in previous versions).
When creating a pdf, choose “Export all fonts as curves” (in Objects tab) when sending a pdf to a commercial printer. All images should be flattened before creating the pdf. All images should be CMYK, never RGB for print/press.


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Server Outages

Server outage details

Status: Pending
Duration: 5hr window
Server: Sydney
Start: Oct 14th, 23:00 (AEDT)
End: Oct 15th, 04:00 (AEDT)

Status: Pending
Duration: 6hr window
Server: Melbourne
Start: Oct 18th, 22:00 (AEDT)
End: Oct 19th, 04:00 (AEDT)

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