Ordering pages in navigation

If you are using a WordPress Custom Menu (Dashboard/Appearance/Menus), then you can drag and drop menu items to reorder in your main navigation. If you are not using custom menus you can order pages and sub pages by allocating a page order number. Simply “Quick Edit” each page (Dashboard/Pages) and allocate a number in the […] → Continue Reading Ordering pages in navigation

Wordpess error

If you get an error: Warning: is_dir() [function.is-dir]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/) is not within the allowed path(s): In Dashboard/Settings/Media, make sure the path is set to default wp-content/uploads Anything else might give you an error. This error can be triggered when uploading a new image. +10

Catchable fatal error

“Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in” etc If you are using the Lightbox gallery plugin, ensure that gallery images are linked to media file, not attachment page (in the specific gallery settings). +10

WordPress error

Problem WordPress edit/insert link, target=”_blank” drop-down is not working. Solution Upgrade TinyMCE Advanced plugin. +10

Use your blog!

The “Blog” function is included with all new CMS websites installed by Redback Graphics. Rather than calling it a blog, you might utilise it’s function to promote products, services and events, which in hand, will greatly increase your SEO ranking for all of the information you include in those “posts”. By using “posts” a user […] → Continue Reading Use your blog!

Add/edit Navigation items

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website To add a page to your Navigation/Menu This assumes that the page you want to add to navigation has already been created. If not, see Adding/editing pages. Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Appearance” (1), then once on “Menus”(2). If you have more […] → Continue Reading Add/edit Navigation items

New Business – What’s first?

A first time business owner? What do you need? Where do you start? You have a great business idea but don’t know where to start? First, research your market, your product or services, be sure you have a better product than your competition or can provide a better service and/or delivery of that product or […] → Continue Reading New Business – What’s first?

WordPress Installations

So you’ve done the homework, WordPress is fantastic, but not sure you can tackle the installation?You’ve realised the standard themes leave little to be desired and want a custom designed Theme, so your website wont look anything like a WordPress site?You need extra functionality built in to the standard WordPress installation, maybe add a gallery, […] → Continue Reading WordPress Installations

Grid layout for displays

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website To insert a new table Tables are handy to be able to arrange lists or information in an organised grid. Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Pages”, then once on any page that you want to insert a table grid. Above the main […] → Continue Reading Grid layout for displays

Community Announcement

We did NOT vote for one world government. The fact is "Politicians" work for a corporation, NOT The Will of the People, as they are supposed to under our Constitution.

Where is the Governor General? MIA over citizenship chaos and abuse of our Constitution. The Governor General is SUPPOSED to be looking out for The People to ensure all laws created by the "government" are in the best interests of The People, and in accordance with the Constitution. The Parliament has abused the Constitution, yet the Governor General is MIA - why? Because he has no power under the corporation. Australia is run by a corporation, of which the Governor General is useless to The People who are supposed to be protected by our Constitution.
For more information, please research the Lima Declaration and the unlawful changing of the Constitution by the Whitlam government in 1973, or visit Facebook groups #UNexit,
Get Us Out of the United Nations or
The Commonwealth of Australia

Server Outages

Server outage details
Status: Resolved
Start: approx 3.20pm WST 21.7.2015
End: Resolved
Server: Sydney

More detail...


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