Showcase Vertical

This theme comes pre-loaded with 3 slides that the owner can replace or add to as they wish. Designed for low content websites, page content should ideally be kept to a couple of paragraphs per page (purely for aesthetics). Try the “Look Mum No Sidebars” page to view the cleaner, no sidebars page layout that also comes included with this theme, and the owner can select at any time, for any page.

  • Will be installed with custom font as demostrated on this website, or can be installed with a standard web font of your choice.
  • Font sizes can be increased, and colours changed if requested.
  • Installed with colour scheme of your choice. Choose your own “highlight” colour to match your logo/brand/choice.
  • Slides can be replaced or added to by website owner 24/7.
  • Several transitional effects included – choose how to transition from one slide to another (fade/flip/swipe/roll/up/down/left/right, etc etc).
  • Speed of transition and time parked on each slide is also easily adjustable by the website owner.

Visit the Contact page to place your order for a website installed with the Showcase Vertical theme

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