Conventional website layout

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This theme can also be installed with a “conventional” layout vs the “vertical” slides layout.

At time of ordering, please indicate Conventional headers required, and your 3 custom “slides” will be replaced with header images in the format shown on this page. Headers with this format have limited transitional effects, fade from one to the other is the standard default setting (not easily changed by client). Multiple “Transitional effects” are not available or selectable with conventional headers. Your 3 custom designed header images will be designed from logo and images supplied by the client (or generic images if none supplied).

Header images using this particular script are not “responsive”, nor can they be added to or changed (easily) by the client.

You want this layout with the “slides” function?

If a client prefers this conventional page layout, the headers can be replaced with “slides” to provide responsive images, along with the ability to add to or change slides whenever client requires (available to owner 24/7), but the vertical slides layout will not be available with that theme.

To include both vertical slides and horizontal slides is possible, but at additional cost. Two full sets of vertical and horizontal slides will be required.