WooCommerce integration

WooCommerce is easily integrated with TF themes. Zip your theme. Unpack it in a local folder. Duplicate your theme’s page.php file, and name it woocommerce.php. Edit your page (woocommerce.php) Open up your newly created woocommerce.php in a text editor, or the editor of your choice. Replace the loop which usually starts with: <?php if ( have_posts() ) : and usually ends with: <?php endif; ?> This varies between themes. In TF its several lines. Once you have found it, delete it. In its place, put: <?php woocommerce_content(); ?> This will make it use WooCommerce’s loop instead. Save the file. You’re […] » Continue Reading WooCommerce integration

Delete bulk comments

If you are unfortunate enough to get spammed, you may be pounded by thousands of spam comments. Please consult your own IT professional for advice, but I have found this tip works perfectly. To remove unapproved comments manually could take hours (20 at a time from within WordPress Dashboard/Comments). To remove thousands of comments in seconds, I logged in to my hosting account (cpanel), navigated to “phpMyAdmin”, selected the database from list on left (corresponds to domain username), then chose the “SQL” tab, and added the following: DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = ‘0’ Then hit “Go” to run the […] » Continue Reading Delete bulk comments

Catchable fatal error

“Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in” etc If you are using the Lightbox gallery plugin, ensure that gallery images are linked to media file, not attachment page (in the specific gallery settings).

WordPress Error

If you get an error: Warning: is_dir() [function.is-dir]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/) is not within the allowed path(s): In Settings “Media”, make sure the path is set to default wp-content/uploads Anything else might give you an error. This error was triggered when using WP eCommerce plugin, uploading a new product. Disabling the WP eCommerce plugin removed the error, but in order to have the plugin working error free, the above change needs to be made.

Optional blog

The “Blog” function is included with all new CMS websites installed by Redback Graphics. Rather than calling it a blog, you might utilise it’s function to promote products, services and events, which in hand, will greatly increase your SEO ranking for all of the information you include in those “posts”. By using “posts” a user can quickly promote an item, service or event, and that is automatically archived for future reference, while keeping current content fresh and updated regularly. Website “pages” (ie Home, About, Contact etc) can easily be updated, but once updated the old information is lost. By using […] » Continue Reading Optional blog

WordPress tip 36

Problem Wordpress edit/insert link, target=”_blank” drop-down is not working. Solution Upgrade TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

WordPress tip 35

Set permalinks to numeric.

WordPress tip 34

Turn indexing off. More hosting than WordPress, but all part of a new hosting/Wordpress installation.

WordPress tip 33

Dashboard/Settings/Discussion, turn off “Allow people to post comments on new articles”, unless you are running a blog and want people to be able to comment on posts (by default).

WordPress tip 32

Adding downloadable documents Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Pages”, then once on the page title of the page you want to add a downloadable document, such as a pdf or Word doc file. In the editing box that contains your page content, place your cursor where you want to insert the document, then choose the “Add Media” button (above the content editing box). Select your file from your local computer and insert. Then click the “Update” button to update the page. To make the document open in a new window, double click (or select) the hyperlinked […] » Continue Reading WordPress tip 32

WordPress tip 31

Adding/editing pages | To add a new page Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Pages”, then once on “Add new” button (near “Pages” title), put the title of the page where it says “Enter title here” (this is what will appear in your menu/navigation, so keep it brief). Put the content in the main editing box of the page by typing or copying and pasting from a Word doc. You can then click the blue “Publish” button over on the right side of your screen to publish the page. It will be live immediately. Note – if […] » Continue Reading WordPress tip 31

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