Adding/removing slides

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website with the responsive “slides” function built in. Make sure you have a slide prepared – it must have identical dimensions to your existing slides. You can see your slide dimensions in Dashboard/Slides/Settings. Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Slides”, then choose “Slides” to […] → Continue Reading Adding/removing slides

Adding widgets

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website. Firstly, what is a Widget? A Widget allows you to add, arrange, and remove tools, plugins or content from the sidebars and/or footers of your website. Widgets make it easy to customize the content of your website sidebars and footers. Typically used for Categories and Posts from […] → Continue Reading Adding widgets

SEO content and images

Adding descriptive Titles to your images, and/or specific strings of text within your content, will greatly increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). If you name your images with an exact string that you might expect someone to “Google”, your image (and your website) will then rank higher in any Google results. Making the Title specific, […] → Continue Reading SEO content and images

Gallery images

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website To create a new gallery on a page Select or create a page for your gallery. Edit that page. Place your cursor where you would like to place the gallery on the page (eg. above or below existing text). Click the “Add Media” button above upper […] → Continue Reading Gallery images

Image hyperlinks

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website. This assumes you have an image on a page, if not you might need to read adding an image to a page first. Then, to add or edit the hyperlink to that image Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Pages”, then once on […] → Continue Reading Image hyperlinks

Adding images

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website To add an image to a page Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Pages”, then once on the page title of the page you want to insert an image into. In the editing box that contains your page content, position your cursor where […] → Continue Reading Adding images

Vector eps files

The eps (Encapulated Post Script) file format is used to transfer a graphic image between applications and platforms. EPS files contain PostScript code as well as an optional preview image in TIFF, WMF, PICT or EPSI, the latter being an ASCII-only format. An eps (as vectors) is the most reliable way to send a graphic […] → Continue Reading Vector eps files

Creating pdfs

To create a pdf from a CorelDraw page or item, select, “File” “Publish to pdf” NOT export (as used in previous versions). When creating a pdf, choose “Export all fonts as curves” (in Objects tab) when sending a pdf to a commercial printer. All images should be flattened before creating the pdf. All images should […] → Continue Reading Creating pdfs

Saving images

Saving images? What format is best? jpg had long been the dominant format for saving web images, but now png is the preferred format in many cases. A png is most suited to graphics with text or content that needs to be crisp and sharp with excellent clarity to blocks of colour. Can be saved […] → Continue Reading Saving images

Community Announcement

We did NOT vote for one world government. The fact is "Politicians" work for a corporation, NOT The Will of the People, as they are supposed to under our Constitution.

Where is the Governor General? MIA over citizenship chaos and abuse of our Constitution. The Governor General is SUPPOSED to be looking out for The People to ensure all laws created by the "government" are in the best interests of The People, and in accordance with the Constitution. The Parliament has abused the Constitution, yet the Governor General is MIA - why? Because he has no power under the corporation. Australia is run by a corporation, of which the Governor General is useless to The People who are supposed to be protected by our Constitution.
For more information, please research the Lima Declaration and the unlawful changing of the Constitution by the Whitlam government in 1973, or visit Facebook groups #UNexit,
Get Us Out of the United Nations or
The Commonwealth of Australia

Server Outages

Server outage details
Status: Resolved
Start: approx 3.20pm WST 21.7.2015
End: Resolved
Server: Sydney

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