Customising the new websites

Customising the new websites

This will be updated as time permits. As always, clients of Redback Graphics can call (any decent hour) or email 24/7 for support. These options are only available in websites installed after October 2018.
Log in to your dashboard and navigate to the relevant section to edit.

1. Updating your site logo
Appearance/Customize/Site Identity. Here you can remove or Change the current logo, and adjust the padding (the space around it).

2. Navigation Menu
Appearance/Customize/Header Colours to change Menu link, background colours, hover colours and also mobile menu colours.
To change the font and size, edit that from Appearance/Customize/Fonts and Typography. A link is provided to Google Fonts where you can choose a font, copy its name (exactly), put that in the font field for Body (page content) Heading and/or Menu. You can choose different fonts for each if you want. You can also change the size of the Menu font here, and if it will be uppercase or not.
To change the position of the navigation (and therefore logo), you can set the position of the Menu to centred, left or right justified, via Customize/Site Layout under Menu layout.

3. Full width feature image to Home page
Appearance/Customize/Homepage Settings. Remove or replace current image under “Static front page: header image.

4. Call to Action buttons on Home page.
Appearance/Customize/Homepage Settings. Under “Primary call-to-action button text”, Edit titles, colours, sizes, padding. Similar settings for “Secondary call-to-action button text” etc.

5. Call to Action buttons in the sidebar and the sidebar position.
Appearance/Customize/Widgets/Sidebar. Add or edit existing buttons here. To change the default sidebar (for any new pages) from left to right (or none), do that from Customize/Site Layout under the Menu layout options. You can also change the position of the sidebar from within any page. Edit the page, scroll down under the content editing window, and choose from the “Sidebar Layout” drop down list.

6. Add, change or delete feature image to interior pages or posts.
To edit a feature image on any page (or post), once logged in to your dashboard, navigate to that page (or post), then edit. Under the content editing section, navigate down to “Page Header Settings”. To activate a new image, click “Activate Extended Header”, then choose from your media library or upload a new image at “Header image (Add or upload)”. Update your page.

7. Hide page title from feature images.
To hide the page title from your feature image, while editing your page, scroll down to “General Settings” under the content editing section, and tick “Hide title”. If you would like a title under the feature image, just add it to the page content, and make it a Heading by choosing “Heading 2” from the editing options available above the content editing section, the “Paragraph” dropdown options. Update your page.

8. Change sidebar side, or remove sidebar.
To change the default sidebar (for any new pages) from left to right (or none), do that from Customize/Site Layout under the Menu layout options. You can also change the position of the sidebar from within any page. Edit the page, scroll down under the content editing section, and choose from the “Sidebar Layout” drop down list. Update your page.

If you get stuck, and you are a client of Redback Graphics, please call or email for assistance.

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Security upgrade

Due to the increase in hacking attempts on my own and clients websites, I am now offering a security upgrade to current clients websites hosted with Redback Graphics or Jamncream.

The upgrade includes:

  • Backup your website
  • Upgrade your WordPress to latest
  • Provide a new login portal (hackers typically strike through the standard login portal)
  • Install a selection of plugins that will detect and block hackers (IP addresses) from accessing your website

Any client who participates in the security upgrade will have their “block” list updated on an ongoing basis, so that collectively, all websites participating gather more data and can be increasingly secure against further hacking attempts.

If you’d like the Security upgrade implemented, email, cost of $75, only available to Redback Graphics clients using a Redback Graphics installed theme.

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Updating WordPress

The old days of a scary update have pretty much gone thankfully. WordPress is an extremely stable framework, and extremely well supported with regular updates. Some updates are more important than others, but I recommend that all Redback Graphics clients with WordPress sites update their WordPress around once per year.

Make sure to do a backup of your site prior to updating.

See article creating a website backup.

To update your WordPress is very simple. Login to your Dashboard, and at the top centre of the Dashboard home screen you will see “WordPress 4.x.x is available! Please update now.”

Click on “Please update now”.
The next screen will offer the opportunity to “Update Plugins” and “Update Themes”. DO NOT update these at this time, only choose “Update Now” button to update the WordPress.
Importantly, WAIT and watch as the WordPress enables Maintenance mode (site offline for a few seconds), then disables maintenance mode and your site is back online. Dashboard will then log you out and ask you to login again, to use the updated Dashboard.

If you have any problems please let me know asap.

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New Business – What’s first?

A first time business owner?
What do you need? Where do you start?

You have a great business idea but don’t know where to start?

First, research your market, your product or services, be sure you have a better product than your competition or can provide a better service and/or delivery of that product or service. Consult Small Business advisors for more in-depth information to ensure your business idea is worth pursuing. Talk to an accountant and Business Consultant to discuss tax and business structure options and implications.

Decide on a great business name.

Check that domain/s are available. You might want to register AND Are they both available? Both will cover Australian and global markets (someone else could register the .com at some point).

If it/they are available, apply to register your business name. See for more information.

At the same time, you could register the domain name/s. Domain names are cheap in comparison, so if the Business Name you want is not successful, then at least you have secured domain names that can be associated with your business, no-one else can then purchase them.

Once you have a registered Business Name and a domain (hopefully of similar names), then you need a logo, web hosting and a website.

Web hosting provides the server on which your website files are housed. Servers run 24/7 to make your website available 24/7.

While a logo could be optional at this point, if you have a professionally designed logo, your new website will be branded around that design.

Design, build and upload your website. While building a website is not rocket science, it is a specialist field, so for a professional business image, use a professional website designer. They will design and build your website, install the information you provide to them, then, with most websites these days, they will hand over your login details so that you are able to add and edit content 24/7.

Your web hosting allows you to setup your business Email addresses. ie

Organise Business Cards and business stationery with website and email details.

Business Cards, company stationery, vehicle and premises signage should all reflect the same brand as your website.


Ready for domain name, web hosting and a website?

See also  Websites/Getting Started and Complete small business design bundles.

:  The information provided in this website does not constitute legal, tax , business or accounting advice, but is designed to provide general information relating to business and setting up your web presence. Please obtain the advice of a competent professional, licensed attorney, business consultant, law firm, accountant or financial adviser before making any final decisions.

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WordPress Installations

So you’ve done the homework, WordPress is fantastic, but not sure you can tackle the installation?
You’ve realised the standard themes leave little to be desired and want a custom designed Theme, so your website wont look anything like a WordPress site?
You need extra functionality built in to the standard WordPress installation, maybe add a gallery, image slider or custom built navigation?

That’s what Redback Graphics does.

Send an Email or give us a call, see Contact page for details.

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