Who is Redback Graphics?
Owned and managed by Jill Banks, Redback Graphics has always been, and will always be, a home-based business. Low to no overheads allows for cheaper costs. All printing is commercially printed through wholesale printers, all web hosting is via Redback Graphics owned Jamncream Web Hosting, Australian based, reliable and competitive. Jill is University educated (BA Graphic Design), with nearly 30 years in the same business. There have been a couple of business name changes, but that’s just because I wanted a new, catchier business name, not because it failed at any point. A mad-keen motorsport fan and love my job, love graphics. All aspects of graphic design can be provided, including logo design, product packaging, newspaper and magazine advertisements, vehicle and shop signage, technical illustration, posters, brochures, business cards, letterheads, artwork of all descriptions, all levels of pre-press from concept to final printed items, and, with many years of experience in designing and building websites, you can be assured of a professional and successful outcome.

What’s with the Twitter Free Zone?
I don’t have anything against anyone who uses Twitter. It’s now very well known, that by using social networking ie. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, you will increase traffic to your website, and therefore, that will generate into sales. LinkedIn I can manage because I rarely visit my LinkedIn profile. Facebook I use to keep in touch with family, occasionally, but Twitter? I’d rather spend an afternoon rebuilding a website than spend it telling the world I just had a cup of tea on my balcony and reading a kazillion one liner stories that really don’t concern me. Each to their own, but this is a Twitter Free Zone, the only way you can follow me, is if you have a very fast car.
Twitter Free Zone graphics Free to download and use, follow this!

What is an eps (vectors) file?
The eps (Encapulated Post Script) file format is used to transfer a graphic image between applications and platforms. EPS files contain PostScript code as well as an optional preview image in TIFF, WMF, PICT or EPSI, the latter being an ASCII-only format. An eps (as vectors) is the most reliable way to send a graphic image to an end user ie signwriter, graphic designers, press etc. Usually, only industry professionals are able to open or import eps files. When supplied as an eps, artwork can be enlarged without loss of quality, recoloured, or pulled apart and modified in many ways.

How much does it cost for the first round of draft logo designs?
Initial first round drafts for new clients, will incur a non-refundable $80 fee, payable in advance, which will be deducted from the balance when logo is complete. If after the first round of draft designs, you don’t feel that my designs are, or could be with feedback and further development, appropriate for your project, then we’ll leave it at that. All and any unsuccessful designs provided to you remain the property of Redback Graphics, and must be destroyed. You are not permitted to use any of them in any way, shape or form in part or in full, without the written permission of Redback Graphics.

Who owns the Copyright of designs?

©Copyright of all draft designs, artwork, graphics and Intellectual Property other than final logo designs produced by Redback Graphics remains the property of Redback Graphics, unless otherwise stated or agreed.
Full ownership of Copyright of final logo designs passes to the client when all accounts have been settled, ie there are no hidden costs or additional ongoing charges.
Artwork provided to a client eg press adverts, packaging designs, signage designs, etc, are to be used only for the purpose they were originally designed for. They may NOT be used, in part or in full, for any other purpose, at any other time.
Draft designs are NOT to be used as artwork for any projects whatsoever.

Can I remove the watermarked Copyright notice through your draft designs?
No. Watermarked Copyright notices are only placed on draft designs. Draft designs are only for viewing, not to be used as artwork under any circumstances. Once a design is finalised, watermark-free artwork will be supplied.

What do the plates on your car mean, SXESS?

The S15 was badged a 200SX in Australia, but known as an S15 Silvia (or a 240SX) in Japan. I used the SX and made it female, adding the ESS as in lioness. Therefore, it’s a female 200SX – SXESS.
The S15 is also referred to as an “S” Series Nissan, so it could be seen as an S series to excess, as it has had some “modifications”.

Why did you call your business Redback Graphics?
A love of design, I saw the pure, beautiful, striking image of a redback spider with its very black body and that vibrant red splash, as a complete and perfect graphic image. It was eye-catching, Australian, and made for a memorable logo. If you wanted “graphics with bite”, what better choice than Redback Graphics?

What do I need to supply to you to get things rolling?
Just give me a call or drop me an Email. Let me know what you require and I’ll let you know what is required, if anything.

The fine print?
You can view the full Terms and Conditions for clients dealing with Redback Graphics here.
For more information, please feel free to give me a call and we can discuss your requirements.
Mobile 0419 855 486 (9am – 5pm WST Perth time only please)
Email jill@redbackgraphics.com.au