How to get started

Firstly – dont be fooled by the confusing speel that you may often get from some of the bigger agencies. They may try to justify their over-priced rates by deliberately bombarding you with technical, verbal dribble. Be clear what YOU need from a website, then ask if they can deliver, and at what price. Do not commit to a designer or developer until you are both clear on what will be delivered and what it will cost.

Redback Graphics specialises in attractive, easy to navigate, functional websites. Less fluff, less bells and whistles, less “clutter”. All the information you need to display, arranged in an attractive, easy to navigate way, so that the visitors to your website find exactly what they need, and fast.

Google (and other) search engines have changed the way websites are built quite dramatically over the last few years, and as a result, an emphasis will be placed on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) when building a new website.

Redback Graphics can build you a website from scratch or rebuild the site you already have, with professionally designed graphics. There’s usually a particular ‘look’ that will suit a particular site. If you already have an established brand, that look will compliment (but wont be limited to) your existing brand.

To get your website up and running you basically need 3 things:

  • Domain Name ( DONT PAY MORE THAN $29.95 for 2 YEARS!
  • Website Design (the web pages) SHOP AROUND, GET REFERRALS. CMS from $550
  • Website Hosting (server to physically host the website pages) NO NEED TO PAY MORE THAN $165/yr for a very reasonable hosting plan.

All prices AUD and include GST.



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