New Business – What do I need, where do I start?

A first time business owner?
What do you need? Where do you start?

You have a great business idea but don’t know where to start?

First, research your market, your product or services, be sure you have a better product than your competition or can provide a better service and/or delivery of that product or service. Consult Small Business advisors for more in-depth information to ensure your business idea is worth pursuing. Talk to an accountant and Business Consultant to discuss tax and business structure options and implications.

Decide on a great business name.

Check that domain/s are available. You might want to register AND Are they both available? Both will cover Australian and global markets (that may register the .com at some point).

If it/they are available, apply to register your business name. See for more information.

At the same time, you could register the domain name/s. Domain names are cheap in comparison, so if the Business Name you want is not successful, then at least you have secured domain names that can be associated with your business, no-one else can then purchase them.

Once you have a registered Business Name and a domain (hopefully of similar names), then you need a logo, web hosting and a website.

Web hosting provides the server on which your website files are housed. Servers run 24/7 to make your website available 24/7.

While a logo could be optional at this point, if you have a professionally designed logo, your new website will be branded around that design.

Design, build and upload your website. While building a website is not rocket science, it is a specialist field, so for a professional business image, use a professional website designer. They will design and build your website, install the information you provide to them, then, with most websites these days, they will hand over your login details so that you are able to add and edit content 24/7.

Your web hosting allows you to setup your business Email addresses. ie

Organise Business Cards and business stationery with website and email details.

Business Cards, company stationery, vehicle and premises signage should all reflect the same brand as your website.


Ready for domain name, web hosting and a website?

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Disclaimer:  The information provided in this website does not constitute legal, tax , business or accounting advice, but is designed to provide general information relating to business and setting up your web presence. Please obtain the advice of a competent professional, licensed attorney, business consultant, law firm, accountant or financial adviser before making any final decisions.