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May 14 2019

Ok folks – I am about to have a rant and rave. I am so over these lying, cheating men and women operating this disgusting thieving fraudulent corp that has tricked us into thinking it is our government!!

Get ready for some information that should make your blood boil.

“Australians may have to pay $30 a year for daily mail delivery or face a less frequent service. Australia Post told The Australian Financial Review yesterday it may charge an annual fee of $30 to those who want mail delivered five days a week, while others could opt for a cheaper three-day a week scheme. Speaking to the AFR, Australia Post said the implementation of a user-pay system was inevitable to offset the organisation’s multimillion-dollar losses. The organisation posted a loss of $218 million last year, with letter volumes falling 25% from 2008.”

Multi-million dollar losses. Liars!

I have a copy of the Australia Post Annual Report dated 30 June 2012 which states that this desperately struggling body posted the following –
Revenue $5025.6 million
Profit before tax of $366.7 million
NET PROFIT AFTER TAX $281.2 million.

That was posted only 10 months ago folks. Can you see a $218 million loss in those figures??

But wait, there’s more.

Total equity is $1506 million – that is 1 billion, 506 million dollars worth of equity. Does that sound like Aust Post is suffering to you?

Now the Report gets interesting. The Australian Postal Corporation paid out $193.9 million in dividends!! Dividends to whom? considering that you and I are supposed to be the “owners’ of that body – did YOU get a dividend?

So I looked for the list of shareholders and they were not listed in the Report, but I found this at
“Australia Post has operated under a corporate model since 1989, with the Government as sole shareholder and Post operating on a commercial basis at arms-length from the Government. Shareholder responsibilities are exercised by the relevant ministers.”

The Australian Government, a business registered in Washington D.C. is the ONLY shareholder in Australia Post.

You and I are paying increasing amounts for the postal service – which holds a monopoly so you cannot get the mail any cheaper – to provide this government with MORE of YOUR money!

HOW can the government, IF it is lawful, be the ONLY shareholder in OUR asset??

They can’t so they have either stolen it or it is NOT our asset.

So I did a little more searching on all OUR Cth assets that have been corporatised and are being sold.

Found this very interesting article by Stephen Mayne – the financial guy that you often see on TV. Its a 2007 article and things will have changed, but I am sure you will understand that those changes have not been to our advantage.

Given that a small country like Singapore owns SOOO very much of our supposed-to-be public assets – what do WE own of theirs do you think?

I would say – absolutely nothing.

Are we all that stupid?…/singapore-owns-more-of-australi…/

May 2019
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We have quite a lot of information that establishes the Australian Government is NOT our Commonwealth Government but a department of the Executive operating in an administrative role in this country.

We know that body does not have constitutionally appointed judicial authority and controls us through individual contracts/agreements.

More and more information is appearing.

Attached is a document dealing with Branding for the Aust Govt. In other words – which and what seal applies to all the tiers of privatised departments administered by the Australian Government.

An interesting document.

One section in particular caught my attention:


Refer correctly to the Australian Government in content.
Use ‘Australian Government when talking about the national government of Australia. Don’t use ‘Government’, ‘Commonwealth Government’ or ‘federal government’.

where the term ‘Commonwealth Government’ or ‘Federal Government’ was used, replace it with ‘Australian Government’.

When discussing Australian Government agencies, write the ‘Australian Government Department of XYZ’. Do not refer to agencies or department as ‘Commonwealth Department of XYZ’.

The ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ is the legal entity established by the Constitution. it is sometimes referred to simply as ‘the Commonwealth’.

Only use ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ or ‘the Commonwealth’ to describe the entity established by the Constitution, such as in a legal context, or in a geographical sense.


Now I have seen this sentence in a couple of other documents – “The Commonwealth of Australia is the legal entity established by the Constitution.”

Def of Legal entity:
An association, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, trust, or individual that has legal standing in the eyes of law.
A legal entity has legal capacity to enter into agreements or contracts, assume obligations, incur and pay debts, sue and be sued in its own right, and to be held responsible for its actions.

All of which we understand is possible for the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act refers to the Government of the Commonwealth, the government and the Executive Government of the Commonwealth 16 times.

It also states that the Federal Executive Council advises the Govenor-General IN the government of the Commonwealth and that the seat of Government (Australian Capital Territory) is OF the Commonwealth.

So IF the Commonwealth of Australia
* was established by our Constitution
* has legal standing in the eyes of the law (in fact it created the law of the land).
* can enter into contracts, conduct legal actions and etc.
* can be sued and held responsible for its actions, etc.
* and our entire Constitution references ONLY a Government of the Commonwealth (Commonwealth Government)

BUT, as stated in this document, the Australian Government can NOT be referred to as the Government of the Commonwealth or the Commonwealth Government OR the Federal Government AND, that Commonwealth, as stated in the Preamble is a Federal Commonwealth with a Federal Executive Council – then a very simple thought process would have to be the Australian Government is NOT the Commonwealth Government.

Yet, according to our Constitution – the Government of the Commonwealth exists.

So where is it?

The document states “The ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ is the legal entity established by the Constitution” Black & white.

Just as clearly the document establishes – ‘we are not of the Commonwealth of Australia.”

And we now know – as stated in The Treasury document – the Australian Government is a privately owned American company.

So if YOU vote for a privately owned American company – in essence, the board of directors of a privately owned American company, then HOW on earth can you be voting for the Commonwealth of Australia?

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And another document on branding – dealing with all the logos and seals

2013 – Australian Government Branding – Dept of PM & Cabinet (12pp)

On page 12, it states:

Use of the term ‘Commonwealth’

The ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ is the legal entity established by the Constitution.

It is sometimes referred to simply as ‘the Commonwealth’.

Where the term ‘Commonwealth Government’ has been used previously to refer to the national government, whether in relation to the elected government or the bureaucracy that serves it, it will normally be appropriate to replace it with ‘Australian Government’.

References to the ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ as the entity established by the Constitution should remain unchanged.


Note – how this acknowledges that ONCE there WAS a Commonwealth Government.

Interesting eh!

Another document about branding:
2019 – Aust Govt Branding – Digital Transformation Agency (11pp)

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Folks – we have an election coming up in May. I have posted 2 links to Australian Government sites that confirm that the Australian Government is NOT the de jure Parliament we are supposed to vote for as per our Constitution.

I have asked the question – who are they?

Well, we now have the answer.

I refer you to this link – and in case it is removed, I have attached a pdf with a screen shot of the same link.

This – is who you are voting for.…/documents-relating-to-registration…

A privately owned American company. Not a privately owned company being registered IN America. But a privately owned American company.

[“Attached are documents released under a Freedom of Information request seeking access to all documents that confirm the following: registration with the SEC of the Australian Government(Commonwealth of Australia) as a privately owned American company, file number:333-163307 CIK:0000805157.”

Freedom of information document from the above page. 109pages FOI_2117_T198654.pdf  ]

So it appears, what Whitlam & his helpers did was this:
1. in the Federal Executive Council, authorised the Governor-General Paul Hasluck to create a new department of the Government.
2. Named that new department the Australian Government
3. authorised that department to act as an administrative body
4. As administrator they began the individualisation of the government departments and responsibilities
5. Those departments were privatised, moving them from the authority of the Parliament into an administrative responsibility under the Australian Government.
6. At some time – yet to be determined – the Australian Government was privatised to a “privately owned American company”

7. In 1974, elections for the Commonwealth of Australia were adjourned sine die.
8. The 1974 elections were for the Australian Government, a department of the Executive responsible for administration and privatisation of the assets of the people of the Commonweatlh.
9. These elections are democratic elections – meaning the people have the voting authority but are not sovereign in the on-going actions of the Australian Government.
10. The Australian Government operates to action United Nations policy such as climate change and legal implementations in Admiralty law.

So folks, you now know that your vote for the Australian Government is
* not constitutional
* approves UN involvement in this country

YOU are being used folks. The UN / American / Australian Government operates purely with your voting approval.

I make this clear, written public statement:

I am a woman of the Original State of New South Wales, a State formed by the lawful establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia. I am a Commonwealth national by claim of inheritance and the lawful acceptance of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia as my standing in law.

I did not and do not give any permission to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, to enter my country into foreign administration.

I did not and do not give any permission to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia to support elections for a foreign administration to operate in my country.

I do not give any permission to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia to enact and or enforce foreign contracts over my commercial and personal actions.

Mr Whitlam was not given clear unequivocal authority to do what he did in forming a foreign structure of administration in our country. Consequently any and all actions in administrative governance since that date by any political body are actions of extrinsic and intrinsic fraud.

“The Commonwealth of Australia is a sovereign state. The Commonwealth of Australia has not agreed to waive any sovereign immunity or immunity from personal jurisdiction in respect to any action brought in the courts of the United States or elsewhere (Except the courts of competent jurisdiction in Australia)…………”

As a Commonwealth national, that is my protection and I claim it and stand on it.

Shove that in your pipe Australian Government!!!!

New Post

Folks, there is a document on the Treasury site, which has lots of extremely interesting info. You should all be aware that the Queen’s Crowned head is only on the coins. The Australian promissory notes/money just has pretty pictures and are basically IOU’s.

Here is a quote from that Treasury document:

Australia’s currency comprises both coins and notes. Coins are issued by the Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia under the Currency Act 1965 (Cth.)
Under the Reserve Bank 1959 (Cth.), Australia’s currency notes are issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia.


Lots of thinking music in that quote folks. WHY?

Because if you try and google the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Australia – it does NOT exist as a website, yet it provides the real money to us!

More supporting documents

Why Are You Voting For The Australian Government

FINAL – SPEECH (Content of the slides in Presentation file below)

FINAL – YOU, the Australian Government & Climate Change (Presentation file for the above content)