Complete package from $749.95

  • Redback Graphics registers and configures domain name for you, in your name ( $39.95/2yr), setup and configure web hosting ($165/yr), and installs your customised website ($550).
  • Redback Graphics installs up to 5 pages text based content provided by client, then provides you with your own login details to be able to edit 24/7.
  • Up to 2 header images created and included for your website (one for Home page, one for internal pages if you choose to use it), either from stock photography or created from user supplied images, OR up to 3 header images for a slider.
  • All websites include blog function, which can be visible or hidden from the public.

We now offer two basic “chassis” for websites. One is a custom theme created from the ground up, with features outlined under “Design elements – custom theme option”. From October 2018 we also offer a new, highly customisable, pre-installed, featured packed theme, customised to your brand, with the new customisable features available to you from your dashboard.

Design and customising options of the new, full width header image websites

You will be able to change the look of your website dramatically, 24/7. You can choose from free Google fonts for Menu, content and titles typefaces. You can change colours of buttons, headings, menus, backgrounds to pages, footer and header areas. You can select left or right sidebar positioning (on individual or all pages ie. some can be left, some right, some none, you decide/change when you want). You can select and change your feature Home page image and site logo. You can also load individual header images for any internal pages. 2 customisable Call to Action buttons available for the Home Page, and unlimited Call to Action buttons available in the sidebar and footer areas.

What do you get? Your website is installed and customised to your brand. Colours, fonts, logo, header images are all pre-installed, styled to your brand, but now you are able to change these, whenever you want. The standard website install includes up to 5 pages of text base content. You are able to add unlimited pages, posts and images (only limited by your hosting constraints) Standard hosting includes 5Gb space, which could be thousands of pages, thousands of posts, and hundreds of images, especially if you optimise your images before uploading to your website. Your Home page full width header image is installed, with up to two Call to Action buttons included. You can have another 3 Call to Action buttons in your sidebar, and you are able to add unlimited Call to Action buttons to your sidebar, whenever you want. A customisable footer area (with columns) is an optional extra at time of installation, but you are able to add widgets to your Footer area, just not arranged in columns.
The menu is fully responsive, installed and can be left, right or centred. Your logo added, and will be positioned according to your choice of navigation positioning.
One sidebar is included, and that can be on the left side, right side, or removed for any page. The default is a left sidebar.
Your new website is fully WooCommerce ready and compatible. A full eShop can be installed (optional extra).


Design elements – custom theme option

All of the following applies to the older style, custom themes, which do not have a full width front page feature image, or any of the built in customising (listed above) available from your dashboard.
(the attention seeker, the visual “splash”, normally the bit at the top of your website).
Choices are unlimited. One static image? Large fader image/s? Thin fast moving banner type images? or smaller one or two column wide slides? (slides can flip, slide, roll or somersault, multiple transition effects to choose from, AND they are responsive)

The navigation or “Menu” style can sometimes be the most distinctive design element of the website. If you have a specific style or location in mind, just let us know what you’d like.

Sidebars (columns either side of the main “content”).
Many choices. None, 1 left, 2 left, 3 left, and/or 1 right, 2 right, 3 right sidebars. Fill them with widgets or leave them blank? Space is nice, nothing wrong with an empty sidebar.

Content (the words on the pages, the main content of your site and it’s styling).
Font style, size and colour. Multiple columns, line spacing, character spacing, borders, indents, link styles, background images and bullet symbols all make your site unique.

Footer (the bottom/lowest section under the main content).
You can have nothing in your footer, through to pre-installed with widget areas from 1 to 6 columns.


Redback Graphics will register your Domain Name ( $39.95 for 2 yrs), setup your web hosting (full cPanel, from $165/yr), install your new customised website, AND install the content provided by you (Word doc is perfect), up to 5 pages of content. Website installation may also include installation of various widgets and plugins that are appropriate for your website and your future requirements. After the design and installation is complete you are provided with your login details and you can start playing by adding or editing your content. From $550 depending on which layout and what content you require.

Optional extras

A standard website installation is offered as an entry level option that is capable of including any or all of the following, but unless otherwise stated, does not include:

  • Custom fonts (included in the new full width designs)
  • Custom designed background images or image based Navigation
  • Contact or Response Forms
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Social Media addons or Video clips
  • Specialised Gallery plugins or photo editing of gallery images
  • eCommerce Shop or PayPal purchasing buttons
  • Additional custom slides
  • Additional alternative colour schemes
  • Secure Members Only areas via login
  • More than 5 pages of text based content
  • Security Upgrade – see details

All of the above, and many more options, can be included by the website owner or Redback Graphics at a later stage, as your website develops, but the standard installation prices do not include additional extras unless stated in your quote. Many $550 websites do include custom fonts, additional slides and a selection of the above extras.


View many of the current custom website installations on the website examples page


All websites come with Email and phone support, are compatible with current and recent versions of WordPress, and include ongoing support for future versions of WordPress.