Images into sidebars

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website
This is to add an image (such as a sponsors logo) to a sidebar, or bottom of page Widget area. This assumes you already have a Text Widget installed to a sidebar or bottom of page Widget area. To add a Widget Area, see Adding Widgets.

Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Pages”, then create a new page or open a page that you use for “testing” that isnt visible to the public.
In the editing box that contains your page content, insert the image that you will want to appear in your sidebar (or bottom of page Widget). The image should be the correct size before inserting so you can insert at original size. It “may” be inserted and then scaled, but it is better to insert at exact size.

Make sure this page is “Excluded from Navigation” so that it does not appear in your menu/navigation. Update the page, and view the public version to ensure the image previews correctly. You can view the web page via its Permalink URL (shown under the pages title)

The changes will be live immediately. Use CTRL+F5 in your live website browser window to force a refresh of the web page you are viewing to see the updated image.

Once you are happy with the image size, and while still in the page editing box, note two tabs on the right hand side, just above the editing box. One labelled “Visual” and other “HTML” or “Text”. Click on the “HTML” or “Text” tab to view the html code for that content. Copy  (CTRL+C) the ENTIRE code for that image. That will include code “Tags” and will look something like:

<img src=”” title=”Sponsor’s Name”>

While you have that code in your clipboard, go to “Dashboard”, then “Appearance”, “Widgets”, select the side or bottom of page Text Widget you want to insert the image into, open the content of the text widget and CTRL+V or Paste that code into the Text Widget. Click the blue Text Widget “Save” button, and your image will appear (if the code has been copied correctly, it must be EXACT).

You can also add hyperlinks to the image, so that anyone clicking on the image is taken to another web address (ie sponsors website). See adding hyperlinks to images.

Tip 1
It’s always handy to have another browser window open to view the “public” side of your website to see the changes without having to log in and out of your Dashboard to see the public website.

Tip 2
Always backup your website before doing any updates until you are very familiar with updating pages and images etc.
See backing up your website

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