Updating sidebars

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website.
Your sidebars and footers may already have preinstalled widgets that contain information, navigation and/or images. A Widget allows you to add, arrange, and remove tools, plugins or content from the sidebars and/or footers of your website. Widgets make it easy to customize the content of your website sidebars and footers. Typically used for Categories and Posts from a Blog, they can also be used for traditional website content including images, advertisements and News items.

Not all  websites have both sidebars and footer widget areas, you can view your available widget areas via your Dashboard. Login to your Dashboard, then under “Dashboard”, click once on “Appearance”, then once on “Widgets”. See also Adding widgets.

On the far right side of your screen you will see all of your available Widget Areas. Expand any Widget Area and view installed Widgets. Adding a Text Widget is one of the most useful Widgets to install. You can edit its Title, and edit or insert any text or html into the content part of that widget. Click “Save”, then view your website to see your new or edited Widget in action.

If you want in insert images into a Text Widget area, see Inserting Images into Sidebars to get the html for any image you want to insert.

Tip 1
It’s always handy to have another browser window open to view the “public” side of your website to see the changes without having to log in and out of your Dashboard to see the public website.

Tip 2
Always backup your website before doing any updates until you are very familiar with updating pages and images etc.
See backing up your website

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