Adding/editing pages

If you have a Redback Graphics installed CMS website

To add a new page
Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Pages”, then once on “Add new” button (near “Pages” title), put the title of the page where it says “Enter title here” (this is what will appear in your menu/navigation, so keep it brief).

Put the content in the main editing box of the page by typing or copying and pasting from a Word doc.

You can then click the blue “Publish” button over on the right side of your screen to publish the page. It will be live immediately.

Note – if your new page doesnt appear automatically in the navigation, you may have a custom menu installed. See Adding/editing Navigation items to add/remove or edit navigation items from a Custom Menu.

To update an existing page
Login to your Dashboard, under “Dashboard”, click once on “Pages”, then hover the relevant page title, and choose “Edit” of the page you wish to edit.

Add/edit the content in the main editing box (centre of screen) then click the blue “Update” button on right.

Tip 1
It’s always handy to have another browser window open to view the “public” side of your website to see the changes without having to log in and out of your Dashboard to see the public website. The changes will be live immediately. Use CTRL+F5 in your live website browser window to force a refresh of the web page you are viewing to see the updated image and link.

Tip 2
Below the editing box you may have an option to uncheck “Allow Comments”. This should always be unchecked unless you are running a blog and want readers to be able to make comments on your posts or pages.

Tip 3
Over on the right hand side, under the “Publish” button (which will change to “Update” after a page has been Published for the first time), you may have an option to uncheck “Exclude Pages”. Only uncheck this if you DO NOT want this page included in the menu/navigation. The page will still be available via its URL link (permalink shown under the pages title), but will not be included in the navigation.

To make that page a “sub page” of another page (appears under that page in the navigation), select which page you want to be its “parent page” (the page above this page in the navigation), from “Page Attributes” under the blue “Update” button. Select your parent page from the “Parent” drop down box.

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